Day 16: Out of all the animes I have watched there are 2 which i would say have great animation and they are Sword Art Online and AMNESIA. Sword Art Online came out last August and consists so far of 26 episodes, but more are coming out this year. :D and AMNESIA is a fairly new anime which only came out from what I gather in January this year and consists of 12 episodes.

Sword Art Online is about a death game where no player can log out and they have to beat every boss and the final boss. However if they die in the game they also die for real. I really like this anime and AMNESIA.

AMNESIA is about a girl who we only know as Heroine. She loses her memory on the 1st August and is first helped to try and regain them by a sprite called Orion. However she keeps returning to the 1st August in a different dimention to the last and in each she is with a different guy.

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